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Breaking Forensic News: Cognitech Tri-Suite 64 Revolutionizes Digital Crime Investigations


In the dynamic landscape of forensic news, a groundbreaking development is taking center stage – the Cognitech Tri-Suite 64. Comprising Video Active, Video Investigator, and Automeasure, this suite is reshaping the way digital crime investigations unfold. Join us as we explore how these components within the Cognitech Tri-Suite 64 are making waves in the realm of forensic news.

Video Active: Forensic Capture and Camera Calibration Excellence

As we delve into the latest forensic news, Video Active emerges as a pivotal component of the Cognitech Tri-Suite 64. This forensic capture and camera calibration environment not only captures attention but also captures and calibrates video evidence with unmatched precision. In the world of forensic news, Video Active sets a new standard, ensuring the integrity of digital evidence remains paramount, paving the way for meticulous forensic analysis.

Video Investigator: World-Leading Forensic Image Processing Software

Forensic news enthusiasts can’t overlook the significance of Video Investigator within the Cognitech Tri-Suite 64. Widely recognized as the world’s leading forensic image processing software, Video Investigator elevates the art of forensic analysis. This component, integral to the latest forensic news updates, provides investigators with an extensive suite of tools for image processing and enhancement. In the ever-evolving landscape of forensic news, Video Investigator is a game-changer, empowering professionals to unravel the complexities of digital imagery with unparalleled precision.

Auto measure: Advanced Crime Scene Photogrammetry Solution

The latest forensic news wouldn’t be complete without highlighting Automeasure, an advanced crime scene photogrammetry solution within the Cognitech Tri-Suite 64. This component brings a new dimension to forensic investigations, using cutting-edge photogrammetric techniques to create precise 3D reconstructions. In the realm of forensic news, Automeasure stands out, providing investigators with a sophisticated tool to document and analyze crime scenes with unprecedented accuracy. This not only enhances the understanding of complex cases but also positions the Cognitech Tri-Suite 64 at the forefront of forensic news updates.


Breaking forensic news brings forth the revolutionary Cognitech Tri-Suite 64, where Video Active ensures meticulous capture and calibration, Video Investigator leads the world in image processing, and Automeasure raises the bar for crime scene documentation. As forensic professionals immerse themselves in the latest innovations, the Cognitech Tri-Suite 64 stands as a beacon, redefining the standards for accuracy and efficiency in digital crime investigations and setting a new benchmark in the ever-evolving world of forensic news.


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